DRE CARTER @DreCarterBaby

A South Jersey hip hop artist began his musical training at the age of five writing poems about life. Infatuated with writing and telling a story, the first time he heard Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story”, he knew that is what he wanted to do. Following in his father’s footsteps, Dre started officially recording music with close friend and producer Malcolm “Young Digital” Mason. In 2009, Dre lost a close brother and friend and decided to take his career more seriously. The following year he moved to Pennsylvania and shortly after he dropped his first mixtape ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ In 2013, Dre Carter linked up with Dj MalcGeez, Meek Mill’s former Dj, dropping “Catch Me If You Can 2.” Continuing his string of success, Carter continued to work with MalcGeez, and dropped his third mixtape, “Basic Training” in 2014. Continuing to current day, Dre Carter’s recent project “Perception” was arguably his most well received body of work to date. CARTER teamed up with Producer John “Evo” Evola to drop HIS newest project M.A.R.S (My Angels Repress Success).

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