“Tre Prada”, is a hip-hop artist who grew up in the uptown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tre Prada represents his hometown to the fullest and is all about the City of Brotherly Love in his music and in his heart. 

Tre Prada was raised by a single mother, who gave birth to him at the age of 16, and also raised by his maternal grandmother. He began his journey into the genre of hip-hop music at the age of 11. Social networking platforms helped him get his music out there to The masses. By the age of 16 his music was drawing the attention of record label A&R’s from Def Jam Records and supporters from around the world.

From uploading his songs and his music videos, Tre Prada has been recognized in the Tri-State area and beyond years. The recognition is getting stronger and stronger as the days go by. Tre Prada’s music has his own style of a unique urban sound, catchy lyrics, and distinctive hooks. The name Tre Prada is actually an acronym for “Time Reveals Everything (Tre ), Power Rules Any Dominate Agenda(Prada)”. The meaning of the name Tre Prada speaks to the power behind both his music and his drive to be successful. 

Tre Prada has been extremely successful in spreading his music and his brand to the whole Tri-State area and worldwide on the Internet. He has released countless music videos, multip mix tapes, performed at venues in Philadelphia, Atlanta , New York, North Carolina and more. Tre Prada’s supporters have showed him so much support through FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and on the streets. Tre Prada will be a name that you will never forget and time time will truly reveal everything.

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